Michael Harris write:

I don’t often do reviews, but would highly recommend Orbit. Despite the weather during the trek (went during rainy season!) I had a great time on my visit to Nepal. Our trek went up and around Helambu, north of Kathmandu. The route had some truly spectacular scenery and commanding views over the Himalayas (when the clouds cleared). Very beautiful region of the world. Definitely never seen anything quite as awe-inspiring.

As for staff, not only is Puru an experienced guide, he is a genuinely nice guy. Definitely knows what he is doing when it comes to this stuff! There are lots of options when it comes to tours in Nepal, but given my personal experience I can highly recommend this company!

Matthias Rolland writes:

It’s been already 5 years that we’ve done the trek with Puru. At that time Orbit was still a dream in Puru’s head. We had a great time in the mountains, but most important, we had a wonderful experience in Nepal, thanks to his knowledge and abilities to give more than just “showing the way to go”. We did the Everest Base Camp trek returning by the Gokyo Valley. As we were only two persons, Puru was able to adjust the walking distance based on our fitness, not just following the plan. We had such a nice time up there that we finally end up in his family for the Dashain Festival, not as tourists but as family members. Those are things that you will never forget.

Orbit is now finally up, after all the challenges Nepal faced in the recent years, waiting to give a lot more than a trekking experience. You will not have the impression that you are another tourist in a big “renowned” company. I wish the best to Puru and his team and hope to come again soon.

Andrew Greaves writes:

In 2014 I trekked with Puru of Orbit Alpine, and quickly found a kindred hiker I could trust. Puru took me to the Poon Hill region. It was my first time in Nepal, and I was worried about concerns of being ripped off or being unsafe. Puru removed all of those concerns, sharing with me the prices for the whole trip, our modes of transportation, and his deep hiking expertise. I knew I was in good hands.

I was unbelievably impressed by Puru’s IQ and interpersonal skills. He had taught himself English and was a self-taught master of the geology and history of the Himalayas. He seemed to have answers to all of my questions – he was a guide, professor, and botanist all in one.

We had a great trip. We accelerated when I was feeling strong, took breaks whenever needed, and saw the beautiful view of 8000m peaks on a stunning morning from Poon Hill. I could not have asked for a wiser, more trustworthy guide than Puru.